100% of the proceeds raised will stay in the Estes Park area.

Your tax-deductible donation can make a lasting difference to a business that really needs your help. This year, please consider spending your money where your heart is!

Give To Estes Park! The town is open but the merchants still need your help. The grant process has begun. Your dollars are helping!

You can help by:

Purchase Gift Certificates

If you come to Estes Park at any time of the year, purchase a gift certificate from one (or more) of the businesses on the site now.
Use them the next time you visit Estes Park. This will give the merchants needed funds during the winter months.
Gift certificates are good whenever you come.
Check back! We will continue to add businesses.

Fifteen percent of each gift certificate sold goes
directly into our 
business recovery fund.

Donate Now

Your donation could help a small business stay in business.

Kind words:

“I was so excited to receive a gift certificate order! It was such a boost!”
Kirks Fly Shop

“Happy to help this town we love so much. See you in July for our annual visit.”
family from Illinois

“Thanks to the merchants of Estes Park for giving us the opportunity to support this very special community. Happy Holidays!”
family from Denver

 ”The gift certificates are a great idea! We go to Estes Park 3-4 times each summer and fall. We can buy gift certificates now to several places we like, and then use them when we come to Estes Park. Thank you!”
Joan from Nebraska

“Thank you for putting this site together and allowing those outside of the area the opportunity to help!”
gift box buyer from Salina, Kansas

“Thank you for your hard work in creating this site and the gift baskets to help the town of Estes Park!”
order sent to Arizona as a gift

Donations to SupportEstesPark are tax-deductible
thanks to our partnership with United Way of Larimer County

Gift Certificates